• "Dogs are not our whole life,
    but they make our lives whole."
    - Roger Caras
  • Please, Oh Please!
    Your dog will be begging you to take them to Wag the Dog everyday.
  • Dog Tired
    Sure, we can tire your dog out for you.
  • Who's A Pretty Girl?
    Spa Packages Available
    Who wouldn't want to be pampered?


Wag the Dog Daycare - Also Offering Grooming and Kennel Free Boarding    

Welcome to Wag the dog daycare

Our goal is to offer your dog excellent care, a safe environment and to give you peace of mind.

Wag The Dog is committed to providing socialized fun-filled days. Our day care is filled with lots of toys for their enjoyment and beds for when they want to relax. We are ready and willing to cater to your pets needs at any time.



Spa Packages Available Starting at $47

Whether you want just a bath or a full haircut we can accommodate your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Wag The Dog Daycare is dedicated to dog owners who want the very best for their dog. Our daycare facility is all about your do'’s needs. Our goal is to offer your dog excellent care, a safe environment and to give you peace of mind. We view ourselves as your dog's friend and their home away from home.

We have designed a 1,900 square foot indoor cage free facility and 800 square foot outdoor area with two separate playrooms to accommodate your dog's size and temperament. We also have an outdoor area to help keep your dog on their regular potty schedule. Throughout our facility we have filtered water, purified air, air conditioning and comfortable rubber flooring in all play areas. We also have a kiddie pool for the hot summer months. To help alleviate the parent's separation anxiety we have 3 doggie cams for you to view your pup while at day care and when they are boarding. For additional services you may need, we also offer full service grooming.

Your pet will receive constant supervision all day by our carefully screened caretakers. Our staff has taken pet first aid and are knowledgeable about how to interact with dogs to ensure they have a positive, fun visit. Whether your dog likes chasing balls, sitting on laps or just rolling around with other dogs, we've got it.


Our Facilities

• 1,900 sq. foot indoor facility
• 800 sq. foot outdoor area
• Two indoor play areas
• Cage free
• One outdoor play & potty area
• Filtered water
• Purified air
• Rubber flooring in play areas
• Air Conditioning
• Three doggy cams


Our Services & Staff

• Constant supervision
• Grooming services
• Competitive pricing